photo 3

This is the 5th african quilt that i created. It was made as a custom order.


photo 1

The 4th african quilt that i created. This is a simpler quilt than the previous ones.

photo 2

The 3rd african quilt that i created

Origami runner

Origami runner done in Japanese fabric.

“All the fruits” apron

“All the fruits” apron. Created in 2011. Used fabric collected over a period from Satwa.

Stained window

Stained window. Completed in 2010. Used fabric from Bahrain given to me by Margaret.

Masked faces

Masked faces, one my first creations but completed it in the beginning of 2012. Used mainly African fabrics from South Africa.

Japanese kimono’s

Japanese Kimonos. All done in Japanese fabric. Completed in July 2012.


Origami done in Xmas fabric. All fabric sourced in Satwa.

Table runner

Table runner, made reversable using silks and Autum leaves.